How to use Targeted Invest

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A few simple steps will help to start earning without special knowledge.

for partners and investors!

Targeted Invest — is
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For investors

Sign up

It's free and   it will take   you a few minutes. When you register, fill out « mandatory » field. The type and   the number of purse can be specified directly in the   Personal Account

Make deposit

Select the most suitable for you payment system   and fill up the   balance. The minimum amount to   enter is   — $ 1. maximum is — $10 000

Wait for 60 minutes

Exactly one hour after the opening of the deposit, you can withdraw first profit. Profit variable between 4.60% to 6.20% per hour, depending on the deposit amount.
More about investment plans...

Enjoy life

Here, actually, the whole set of simple actions that will provide you with real earnings. Invite your friends on your referral link and receive up to 21% of the amount of their deposits. Targeted Invest pays for each deposit.

Withdraw your profit

You can bring profit to your e-wallet or reinvist it all or part of the amount in the system for more income. Withdraw can be done to the payment system wich has been used for deposit.

Receive income

After 24 hours after the opening of the deposit your will receive to your account the amount from 110% to 150% of the original investment amount. profit percentage depends on the amount of the deposit.

For partners

Share with your friends

Sign up in the   system. Receive your   referral link in Personal account that remains your ID. Invite people   to the system and & bsp; receive a percentage of   of   their deposits.
Targeted Invest recommends the use of the following tools to   attract users:. blogs, social networks and   soc. buttons, banners and   teasers, advertising   e-mail If you have   any questions   — contact   our support


Targeted Invest involves highly profitable referral program. This allows you to receive a reward for all personally sponsored members. Up to 21% depending on the number of invited participants.
Just a little patience and   you will see how the cash in your account will increase.

Full automatic

Do not get   limited to the territory. People from   the whole world make money with the   Targeted Invest. Get on   full automatic up to   21% for   each deposit of all users involved. Create a « command », with   which   you will truly earn!

Enjoy life. With money.

Targeted Invest respects its investors and   partners, wishes you financial well-being. We   believe   — you will succeed!

Enjoy life. With money.

With us really earn! You also remains to enjoy life. And your money will work for you. Targeted Invest respects its investors and   partners.