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This section contains frequently asked questions. If you have not found an answer to your question - contact support.

Frequently asked questions


Sign up and start working with "Targeted Invest"

To register in the project is necessary to click the "Registration" button on the main page and full fill the simplest form. After which the system will automatically direct you to your personal account, where the settings needs to be specified by the number of the e-wallets, which in the end will display the profit and deposit.

Check the keyboard layout and the insurance about fields "username" and "password", otherwise use the password recovery form.

I forgot (doesnt work) the password from my account


I can not get into my email service

In this case, you have to contact with "Targeted Invest" support service in convenient way for you.

Funds withraw automatically after user's request, fund goes to the payment system wich was used for deposit in 24 hours, but usually it takes no more than an hour.

How do withrawal happenes?


What should I do if I haven't received the e-mail notification?

ou need to check whether your message in Spam, check the correctness of the email address. If the problem won't be solved contact with our support service.

Referral rewards goes to the account balance and the balance available for withdrawal at any time, all referral fees can be viewed in the "history of operations"

How to withdraw referral rewards?


Is it possible to change upliner (sponsor)?

Change of upliner is possible in the way that the upline is the administrator (login admin) and the participant agrees to sponsor change.

The minimum deposit amount is $1.

What is the minimum deposit amount?


What is the minimum amount for withdrawal?

The minimal amout fot withrawal is $1.

1$ - it is minimal summary for deposit creation. So, the profit percent will be minimal too. If you invested 1$ you will receive 1.1$

I have invested 1$. How much I will receive?


Still have questions?

For any questions, please contact our support